Rope Access

Do you have to work in hard-to-reach places? Is your building, or parts of it, difficult to reach with scaffolding or aerial work platforms? Mundo Steigers International helps to carry out your project safely and professionally, by using Rope Access, or industrial climbing.

With Rope Access, we can reach locations that are difficult to access. For all your difficult projects at height, we offer you a total solution and take care of the entire project. Whatever work you need to perform: maintenance, inspections, cleaning, welding, painting, or other activities, Mundo Steigers Int., together with its partner SHS, ensures that your work can be performed safely and efficiently.


Benefits of Rope Access

Using Rope Access for your work in difficult-to-reach places offers you many advantages.

  • Rope Access is one of the safest techniques for working at height.
  • It causes little disruption to business processes and the environment.
  • Can be used for any kind of specialist work.
  • Has minimal start-up times.
  • Is often cheaper than other methods.
  • Has a short turnaround time.
  • Can be combined well with scaffolding construction..

Rope Access specialists

Our cooperation partner SHS (special height service) has its own team of Rope Access specialists. They can carry out any job at height for you. Mundo Steigers International cannot only arrange the Rope Access employees, but also the scaffold builders and other construction personnel. We offer all-round solutions, so you don’t have to worry about the right personnel for your project. We supply all forms of Rope Access and height access.

The advantage of our Rope Access staff is that on the one hand; they are trained according to the required rules and regulations for industrial climbing work, but on the other hand, they also excel in their own field. We put together the Rope Access team based on the required expertise: painting, asbestos removal, repair, inspection, insulation, (industrial) cleaning, welding, grinding, sealing, assembly, and so on. So we not only arrange a specialist in Rope Access, but also a specialist in the field!

Rope access

Safety at height 

Rope Access is all about safety; with strict procedures and continuous training. It is one of the most secure solutions for working at height. The qualified Rope Access specialists work according to the strict safety requirements by the IRATA certification and quality system. With the help of rope and positioning techniques and fixed and mobile anchor points, they safely reach all places that you cannot reach by regular means.

Rope Access is sustainable, effective, and reduces costs. It is a safe and inexpensive way to access places that are difficult to reach. We have already completed many successful Rope Access projects in the industrial sector, offshore, petrochemicals, maritime sector and port.

Our Rope Access Projects

Why Mundo Steigers?

    • 40 years of experience in scaffolding construction;

    • Qualified and experienced scaffolders;

    • VCA | Working safely in accordance with the Scaffolding Directive;

    • High-quality, safe, steel scaffolding;

    • All types of Layher scaffolding systems;

    • Own materials: scaffolding, cranes, etc;

    • Expert in scaffolding- and climbing protection;

    • Rope access for inaccessible places;

    • Scaffolding projects from A to Z;

    • Customization, advice, and creative solutions;

    • Year-round projects: continue working during winter and summer;

    • Available 24/7 and solutions within 24 hours.