Industrial scaffolding construction

Industrial scaffolding is one of Mundo Scaffolding International’s areas of expertise. Whatever industrial scaffolding installation you require, we will provide you with industrial customization. We can build what you need. In any industrial environment. Think: storage tanks, petrochemicals, shipyards, port industry, steel construction industry, and so on.

Mundo Steigers Int. has the expertise to assemble and disassemble the most complex scaffolding for you: hanging scaffolds, extension scaffolds, roofing. With our own equipment and experienced, certified scaffolders. And if necessary, we deploy our Rope Access (LINK) specialists for places that are difficult to reach. Due to the often greater complexity of industrial scaffolding construction, we come up with innovative and creative solutions so that you can always carry out your project in the safest, most professional, and efficient way possible.


Industrial scaffolding projects

For 40 years Mundo Scaffolding Int. has been building scaffolding in all shapes and sizes. For large and small projects. Complicated or simple. We arrange the industrial scaffolding for you from A to Z. From concept drawing to final result. From scaffolding, cranes, elevators, and construction fences to shelters, heaters, and scaffolding protection. We make sure that your projects can continue under any weather condition. Our weather- and cold-resistant systems guarantee the continuity of your projects, regardless of the weather.

Your projects will be safe in the hands of Mundo Steigers International. We think along and advise you on the best and safest scaffolding construction. We visit each project in advance to see what scaffolding construction is required. This enables us to provide you with the best possible tailor-made quote.

Our industrial scaffolding projects

Why Mundo Steigers?

    • 40 years of experience in scaffolding construction;

    • Qualified and experienced scaffolders;

    • VCA | Working safely in accordance with the Scaffolding Directive;

    • High-quality, safe, steel scaffolding;

    • All types of Layher scaffolding systems;

    • Own materials: scaffolding, cranes, etc;

    • Expert in scaffolding- and climbing protection;

    • Rope access for inaccessible places;

    • Scaffolding projects from A to Z;

    • Customization, advice, and creative solutions;

    • Year-round projects: continue working during winter and summer;

    • Available 24/7 and solutions within 24 hours.